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tourism village, west java


West Java has diverse tourism resource potentials ranging from nature tourism attractions, cultural tourism, man-made tourism which is supported by natural conditions, socio-culture, availability of facilities, and accessibility that can sustain tourism. The purpose of this study is to determine tourist villages in West Java, to analyze the management of tourism villages in West Java and the extent of community involvement in West Java tourism villages. The method used in this study uses a descriptive analytical approach that ss the management of a tourist village in West Java. Then analyzes it using the help of theories that are relevant to the context of problem identification. This descriptive analytic method was chosen by the researcher because it was considered the most appropriate in the context of the study, which is exploratory and mapping in nature by considering non-exact qualitative elements. Triangulation in the testing of credibility is defined as checking data from various sources in various ways and at various times. Tourism village is a village that is managed with community involvement, so that the organization of the community along with the development of villages that have operational funds, because it is supported by the government, it requires legality accountability. In the management of tourism villages, synergy is needed from various related agencies/offices to facilitate understanding and management of tourism villages.


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