1st CALL FOR PAPERS of 15thAPacCHRIE Conference


Call for Papers


Both conceptual and methodological papers are strongly encouraged where conference presentations focus on the future of tourism and tourism research, challenges and its opportunities into the discussions for tourism practitioners and academics, either presented orally or visually.

Potential Paper Topics:

We invite proposals for paper presentations, poster presentation, workshops/interactive sessions addressing one of the following topics:

.   Global trends and globalization in hospitality, tourism, leisure, sports and culinary arts

·   Future development in hospitality, tourism, leisure, sports and culinary arts

·   MICE industry

·   Medical tourism and health

·   Culinary tourism

·   Tourism and celebrity, fashion, brand

·   Brand management

·   Tourism, culture, civilization, history

·   Tourism and transportation

·   Tourism and hospitality education

·   Tourism and religion

·   Tourism and economy

·   Tourism and social network

·   Service management

·   Green and environmental issues in hospitality, tourism, leisure, sports and culinary arts

·   Hotel and restaurant management

·   Hospitality human resource management

·   Consumer behavior in hospitality/tourism

·   Sustainable tourism

·   Tourism and sports

·   Innovations of hospitality/tourism and sustainability

·   Innovation systems and the geography of innovation (national, international, others)

·   Marketing channels, issues and transformations/new trends of marketing channel in hospitality/tourism

·   Transformation of distribution channels and contemporary issues

·   Destination branding and promotion

·   Rural tourism and green tourism

·   Public-private partnerships

·   Competition and cooperation

·   Community resilience and social capital

·   Tourist experience and human interactions

·   Language, culture, and globalization

·   Social innovation and sustainability

·   Knowledge economies, knowledge management

·   Strategic organization and management

·   Ethics, leadership, and corporate social responsibility

·   Social work and social development

·   Other papers related to the theme of the conference

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